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Creative Direction

Conceptual ideation and development of nascent youth organisation – STAY. 

Working with young people in Woodberry Down, North Hackney, to name, brand and launch STAY. 

Commissioned a collaborative photography project between STAY and local photographer, Joya Berrow, to capture both its founding members and the essence of Woodberry Down, past, present and future. 

These photos then formed the basis of a report on youth engagement in the Woodberry Down area and the branding for the organisation.

Please get in touch to view the full report or to collaborate with STAY.  


Joya Berrow

Palmiro Ferreira 

Yomade Aileru

Rafi Spangenthal 

Prof. Miles Glendinning (Archive - 1981-1988)


Above - Rico Prince

Below - Palmiro Ferreira

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